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 Rasta Haus, Otres Village 2017

After meeting in Cambodia in March 2017 for the first time, in the amazing Rasta Haus in Otres, we lived there together, surrounded by the lush Cambodian jungle almost for a year.

When we started experimenting with video making and photography, using only limited facilities, the first music- and event clips emerged.
Both of us were determined now to grow our skills and learn new ones, in order to create better music-video combinations, documentaries, and movies. 
Johanna, who was fully ambitious, crafted our first stabilizer, which has helped immensely to create more professional content.

During this unforgettable time, our relationship has birthed a new future plan for us.
All planets were aligned, when the words „Ghetto International“ were written on the walls of the Rasta Haus by Anna Nebykova. 
In that moment, our ideas became a life-time project and we called it “Ghetto International“. 

This is the first song to have been recorded in the Rasta Haus. It was created in the studio through the support of Sandro Roots and Lipo the Bavarian.
The original lyrics were written by Serhat Bedük.

(Mario and Alan working in the Rasta Haus)

Here you can watch a memory video from these wonderful times.

It is made of video material from Sandro’s GoPro and Mario’s phone camera.

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